First Day of School, 2015.

Laine started school at her new preschool on September 2. The day before, she was getting her poor sweet face x-rayed after a faceplant on the living room floor. So she started the year a little banged up. So banged up, in fact, that she looked like a different person and prompted a sweet teenage girl at church to actually gasp in horror when she saw her. ;o) It really was painful to look at. She was excited about school, though, and Squirrel was excited to be part of the photo op and to ride along in the car.



She is in a total braid phase and I LOVE it after a lifetime of not wanting her hair done at all! Aren’t they the sweetest?


So excited to play with The Littlest Pet Shop in her classroom!

Remy was also excited for her first day of “Nonnie School”, where she hangs out with Nonnie while I drive Laine to school! It’s so nice for her to have fun playtime instead of sitting-in-the-car time. (Yes, I know we’re suuuper spoiled!)



Sweet girls! Laine is doing well in her class – she’s the youngest in a 4-year-old class this year, so it’s a big difference from being oldest in her 2-year-old class last year! I’m pretty sure her fave part is deciding what to bring for show-and-tell. :o)

Laine’s 4th Birthday!

(I’m Very Very Behind on my posts, still.)

Dear Laine,

You are FOUR! That’s the biggest kid I ever had. :o) You love books, dancing, getting your way, and using your imagination! Your favorite thing is for someone to enter into a pretend world and PLAY with you. (Current top 4: Angelina and Alice dancing around, the gingerbread baby running away from everyone, Biscuit and Puddles either running away from their bath or chasing their toys, and Tabby and Mr. Putter…you love acting out the stories we read!) You love to go to the beach, play with Brynn, and go over to Nonnie’s house. (Most days you mention that we haven’t been there yet before we’ve even eaten breakfast.)

Your birthday was so special – Grandma and Grandpa came, Nonnie was here, and we had a great afternoon and yummy dinner! We were so excited for you to open your ballet shoes and skirt, and you’ve been dancing with Miss Liz on the TV almost every day! We love to watch you dance and the joy that it brings you to spin around in your skirt and point your toes in your slippers.



IMG_7764 (1)

You love to help in the kitchen, and you’re great at cracking eggs, stirring, and tasting as many ingredients as you can. You helped make your birthday cupcakes – which of course were chocolate, with chocolate icing.

You are a person who is driven, creative, and smart, and I can’t wait to see what the Lord has in mind for you as you grow! We continue to pray that you will do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God, that you and Remy will be good friends, that you will be a kind friend to other kids, and that you will grow in your desire to obey and follow Jesus. We are so, so thankful that you are our beautiful daughter!




Laine had to have a timeout in her room, and was crying hard. As I walked down the hall I heard:

Laine: (escalating wails)

Laine: (normal tone of voice) So she cried louder.

Laine: (desperate sob)

Laine: (normal tone of voice) And louder!

Does anyone know of some acting classes in Wilmington??


Since we’ve been house-and-dog-sitting for friends, I’ve had some navigational mishaps. All you people with your keen senses of direction, I know you can’t fathom how I can know how to get from A to B and A to C but get lost trying to go from B to C. Somehow my brain just doesn’t have that convenient map in it. So after I got lost on the way home from Marbles (my phone died and so no GPS to bail me out), and I autopiloted to Woodbury Drive after church on Sunday, Laine has lost all faith in me. She checks in regularly: “Are you going the right way, Mommy? Are we going toward our house now?” And today she told me, “You didn’t make any mistakes today, Mommy! Good job!” Such sweet encouragement, but I couldn’t help but feel patronized. ;) Poor kid, she has no idea what she’s in for while I learn my way around Wilmington!