We signed Laine up for a YMCA soccer league a few months ago…y’know, back before we knew we would be moving in a matter of weeks (now THAT is crazy!) and before she discovered Angelina Ballerina and became dance-obsessed. Hindsight, yes?

Week 1 – she had to be coerced to the car. There was a slight uplift in mood when she discovered soccer came with its own shoes (yeah, yard sale!), but it was short-lived. She spent a lot of “practice” picking grass, spinning around, and sprinkling sand around like fairy dust. Also, her buddy who was on our team broke his arm in the first five minutes of practice, and he was out for the season. Waaaaah!

Weeks 2-3 – We put the house on the market (and sold it .2 seconds later, yay!), and the girls and I hid out in FL. We also spent a Monday in Wilmington. We missed a lot of soccer and no one was sad about it.

Week 4 – We were back in the saddle for our last 2 games! Here’s her shining moment in the final game today!

Yep, she got a couple kicks in! (Never mind that she was kicking off after the other team scored.) When one of the blue team players stole the ball, she learned the Whole Point of Soccer for the first time (oops?).

Fortunately, everything was made better because there were cupcakes to celebrate the end of the season! (Because that’s what every parent wants their child to eat at 5 pm!)


I overheard one of the mom’s asking her friend, “Does Addie eat the whole cupcake? Hayden only eats the icing.” And the other mom said, “Oh, no, she won’t get close to finishing that thing.”

Meanwhile, Laine had taken her cupcake down hard. #Denton #thatsmygirl #cupcakeskillz>soccer skillz


Umm, there aren’t any official 7 month pictures with this post because I’M A SLACKER MOM and I haven’t taken them yet! OR the 6 month pictures. Waaah! I’m having a little trouble balancing the fact that I have another blog now, too, and this one has taken a serious hit. I keep wanting to catch up – but then feel overwhelmed by how many things I should write about and all the pictures that should be posted. So this is an attempt to overcome the paralysis and not continue to get more and more behind!

Remy is 7 months – and she’s such a delight. Anyone who spends a few minutes in her presence comments on her smile. She’s on a second round of antibiotics for a stubborn double ear infection, and even when she feels lousy she musters up a grin for her dad when he comes into the room! A couple of weeks ago we went out to eat with both girls, and after dinner Remy was getting loud at the table so I headed out with her while Jay and Laine waited to finish paying. We had gone early, and so the restaurant was filling up and there was a crowd of people waiting for tables near the entrance. I was squeezing by a clump of people with my overloaded diaper bag, and Remy was on my hip and kind of dangling her head backwards to see everyone. I heard someone exclaim, “Look at that baby!” and glanced down at her to see that as we were brushing by some people sitting on a bench she was grinning right into their faces. It is so quintessential Remy that even in that millisecond interaction her grin was enough to warrant a comment from a stranger! :o)

Rem graduated to riding in the actual cart!


She wore the same outfit that Laine did the first timeĀ she rode in a cart.


She’s doing lots of baby planks and while she doesn’t have forward motion yet, she can make a lot of progress around a room scooting backwards and pivoting.


Laine, on the other hand, mostly moves by dancing. Also, “finning” (spinning). The past tense of this word is “fan”. Ballet is her usual genre, but she dabbles in hip-hop and krumping. Please note her ballet slippers (aka bunny slippers) and the pink bow in the center of her forehead like Angelina.


We have had crazy snow (y’know, for Raleigh and the South) – Laine hasn’t been to school in over 2 weeks because of snow days! There are more pictures of Remy being cute in the snow than Laine because Laine doesn’t stand still long enough to be photographed. :o) Not when there’s snow to eat, man! (The first few are from when Nonnie was here with the girls, and the others are from our big snow last week!)


Clearly the fact that she’s been tied to a chair with the dog’s towel BY HER NONNIE didn’t upset Rem in the least!


I love those girls and their smiles.


Do you wanna build a snowman?


Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes…

Laine the Caterpillar.

We made this caterpillar today, and Laine told me her (his?) story:


Laine the Caterpillar feels good. LTC seed a snake! She thinks she wants to be friends with the snake! A bear comes and a bear is friends, too! They play together until LTC sees aNOTHER LTC! And he plays with his new friend LTC. Through the bushes comes a very scary caterpillar with very sharp teeth! They start to cry and run into their houses. The SC says, “I’ll eat you up!” He thinks he doesn’t want to eat the new friend caterpillars. He’s friends! The SC is friends! They’re gonna be friends forEVER. He changes his mind and he wants to be friends. He doesn’t eat them up, he’s friends. And alllll the friends come home into LTC’s house and they’re gonna stay forever.

I love how it was taking a 3 Little Pigs twist, but she decided she didn’t like that and very emphatically turned things around! ;)


Laine, spying sparkly Christmas lights as we drove through the neighborhood this evening on the way home: But I saw something farkly! I’m looking for more farkles! I want farkles on my house!

I have a feeling her dad will make sure she has some “farkles” at our house. :)

3 Months.

Today’s photo shoot brought to you by a super helpful big sister. ;o)


I promised Laine her baby could wear the sticker and be in some pictures after I finished Remy’s, in an effort to enlist her cooperation.


“Cooperation” is a loosely defined term…she thought a costume would help liven things up.


The baby jumped in a bit early. Wearing some of Rem’s pj’s.




This is the best I could get of the two of them sitting together!



At three months, this little bundle is such a delight! We are so thankful for her!