Laine had to have a timeout in her room, and was crying hard. As I walked down the hall I heard:

Laine: (escalating wails)

Laine: (normal tone of voice) So she cried louder.

Laine: (desperate sob)

Laine: (normal tone of voice) And louder!

Does anyone know of some acting classes in Wilmington??


Since we’ve been house-and-dog-sitting for friends, I’ve had some navigational mishaps. All you people with your keen senses of direction, I know you can’t fathom how I can know how to get from A to B and A to C but get lost trying to go from B to C. Somehow my brain just doesn’t have that convenient map in it. So after I got lost on the way home from Marbles (my phone died and so no GPS to bail me out), and I autopiloted to Woodbury Drive after church on Sunday, Laine has lost all faith in me. She checks in regularly: “Are you going the right way, Mommy? Are we going toward our house now?” And today she told me, “You didn’t make any mistakes today, Mommy! Good job!” Such sweet encouragement, but I couldn’t help but feel patronized. ;) Poor kid, she has no idea what she’s in for while I learn my way around Wilmington!  


Last Day of School 2015.

It really feels like yesterday that I was writing about Laine’s first day of preschool. (But maybe that’s because it’s only a few posts ago….)

IMG_6238 IMG_6241 IMG_6245 IMG_6248 IMG_6253

Laine had a great year and really loved school and her teachers. It was mutual – one of her teachers told me she was the (unofficial) valedictorian of her 2-year-old class. ;o) We’re so proud of our 3-year-old!

This was one of our first “lasts” in Raleigh. Lots more to come over the next few weeks, and then a lot of “firsts” in Wilmington!

9 months.

It’s especially good that we got those pictures, since this is the best stuff that came out of our 9 month photo shoot at home!


Blurry. Not smiling. Can’t see the sticker. But looking at the camera….


Again, eye contact is pretty much all we have going for us here.


Sweet girl snugging her baby!

At 9 months, Remy is (okay, fine, was, she’s 10 months now!) a superfast crawler, a big napper (1.5-2 hours or more twice a day! What is this life??), a pretty adventurous eater, and a total sweetheart. I mean, she has her quirks (such as squeezing cubes of orange vegetables on her plate and not even tasting them if they’re carrots instead of sweet potatoes [and she liked carrots better than sweet potatoes in baby food form. RIDDLE ME THAT ONE, PEOPLE], a deep desire to eat as much dog food as possible, and disdain for books without flaps to lift), but we might question her Ingram/Denton genes without them. ;o)